Sunday, September 9, 2012

On the road to the AMERICAN DREAM Andrew Fuller owner and creator of Cirmes Tonsorial Parlour is one of the finalist in Martha Stewart's American Made Awards. 1000's entered and Andrew was one of the top 100 and is trying to land the grand prize of $10,000 to further his business. Please help him by voting daily and sharing his link on your wall. What a great way to help such a kind, caring and deserving man achieve this American Dream. You can vote daily. So what are you waiting for. Help this American dream come true. a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I love EVERYTHING from BBB but my favorite so far is anything scented Sinfully Sweet!!! At Soapy Bliss I am most intrigued by their Truffle Buffers and Push Up Lotion Pops. And I love the gift sets at Scentability.

  2. BBB would be the lemon drop soap :] Soapybliss i cant wait to try the fruit loop body cream...and scentability the duck pond soap is sooooo cute!!!

  3. BBB Sinfully Sweet Soapybliss Push Up Lotion Pops and any gift set at Scentability.

  4. BBB - Cupcake bath bombs! Cuteee!
    Soapybliss - Push up lotion pop, so cute and different!
    Scentability - Pampered hands & feet gift set, who doesn't love being pampered!

  5. Cirmes Tonsorial Parlour - the cologne sampler set :)
    BBB - LIP BALMS!!!!!
    Scentability - Smelly Jelly Jars
    Soapy Bliss - Champagne Cream

  6. I love everything from BBB!! Right now my favorite would have to be the pumpkin cupcake :)

    I have no had the chance to try Scentability or Soapy Bliss but after looking at their website I think I would like:
    Frankincense and Myrrh Nourishing CP Soap from Scentability and from Soapy Bliss I think I would like Lemon Honeysuckle

    Good Luck Andrew!! :)

  7. BBB - Babylon Garden Cupcake
    Scentability - #16 Aromatherapy 5 Ounce Lotion
    Soapy BLiss - Chocolate Box