Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Well here we go.  I will Try to make post everyday and give you all a update as to what is cooking up in the soap kitchen.  

Right now I am working on bubble bath bars.  These are so fun to make and I can not wait to show them off later on this week.  They are bubble bath in a solid form.  The wheels are turning with the fragrance and colors I can make.  I for one LOVE bubble baths.  In fact one of my nicknames is bubbles..  mmmmmm  wonder why. There is something so relaxing and peaceful about a nice warm bubble bath.  It is the one time that my family will actually leave me alone.  They all know when mom is in the tub that is my time.  Now the second I am out it's a whole different story.  

Well I am off to check on the bubble bath bars.  Be back later. 

1 comment:

  1. I am not much of a bubble bath taker...I love my showers though...and now that I have your soaps...they are pure HEAVEN! I have to tell you, my skin has never been sooo soft...I hardly have to use any lotion..and the lip balm you sent me...LOVE it...MORNING KICK is my favorite..followed by CARON'S CAKE, love them both!

    Best of luck on your blog!