Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What a day so far.  Been busy trying to perfect the bubble bath bar.  They are a blast to make and even a bigger blast to use.  I used one last night and I was in heaven.  My bath was a luxurious, soothing, bubbly good time.  I used the Chipolata Carmel fragrance.   Oh my does this smell like Halloween.  Since that is my favorite holiday it was just that much better.  

I have made the Chipolata Carmel, White Magnolia, Bubblegum, Love Spell, and Strawberry Champagne and Red Apple.  My nose is in over drive.  I will be having a grab bag of these testers on the website soon.  

I hope you all are having a Bubbly day.  I am off to go work on some product and picture taking for this weekends craft show.    


  1. When will the new items be on website? I'm going to probably order next Friday but would love a bath bar grab bag and some full bath bars and other stuff I don't see yet. Let me know cause I'm excited!

  2. Hi Tippy,

    I am hoping to have everything updated by tonight. I apologize for the delay. Thank you so much for your patience.